Here we go again.

I’m relatively sure that at some point in the past I told myself I wasn’t going to start a new blog. I was going to keep the one I was working on.

Clearly that went out the window.

I doubt many people will end up reading this, but for those who do, I need some people to hold me accountable. I want to make it a goal to write something every day. I don’t know what, and I don’t really care what, but something. Something about what I know. Something about whatever is going on. We’ll see how this goes.

Until then, this blog of course doesn’t have much of a theme. It’ll get there this time. I have some kind of faith. The amount is debatable, though.

If anyone wants to talk to me about anything, I’ll probably welcome the conversation.


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Artist. Writer. Filmmaker. Bibliophile. Photographer. Herbivore. Not necessarily in that order. Actually, yeah, that order.

40 thoughts on “Here we go again.”

  1. I’ve been there lol.. I think it’s important to not pressure yourself too much 🙂 Write what you feel like no one cares.. at least that’s how I AM STARTING AGAIN lol! I wish you luck. Wishing luck to both of us and others who went through the same 🙂


  2. there are many times I don’t feel like writing in my blog (you’d have to look at mine to understand why) , but I do, it is very theraputic for me and the support I have found from those that follow my blog just blows me away, many times the word press community has carried me when all felt hopeless, they gave me a purpose and reason to keep blogging instead of just going silent and fading away, I learned that people are indeed getting some meaning and pause for thought from what i write. I’ll do my best to hold you accountable… if you do the same to me, we can give each other a cyber kick in the butt now and then when we need it 😉


  3. Well, well. It seems others are getting coming here via Linda’s or Opinionated Man’s blogs. Nice, because I follow them both. I think lots are reading now, don’t you? 🙂


  4. Hi Brittney, Is your aim to post every day, or write every day? I don’t post on my blog every day (I aim for once a week), but I write every day. Some of it ends up on my blog, some it doesn’t, but it all feeds my writing soul. Someone else once called it ‘deliberate practice’. All the best with your writing and blogging, and I look forward to seeing what you do post.


  5. HI! I arrived here via Linda’s reblog. I think it is fun to post about lots of different topics. It is what Linda does and what I do and I have found lots of others who don’t confine themselves to one topic. Besides Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays, she hosts One-Liner Wednesdays, where we post a funny or inspirational sentence (or maybe two when we are feeling daring) and link to LInda’s post to make it easy to share. You might like to join in with that, too.


  6. Brittney… you can always do the A-Z challenge… write something that begins with a letter each day… and once you’ve come to Z, begin with days of the week, months, numbers… the list is infinite to your imagination! Best of luck with your blog! I will be reading you!

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  7. Be good to yourself. You will probably miss some days, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a great job. It will become a habit if you let it and you will not be able to stay away. Good luck to. I will be watching and reading.


  8. Reblogged this on lindaghill and commented:
    She wrote, “I need some people to hold me accountable. I want to make it a goal to write something every day.” Can we help Brittney out with this? I think so. 🙂 Give her a visit and say hi!
    Note: Comments closed. Please comment on the original post.


  9. “I need some people to hold me accountable.” I might be able to take you up on that. 🙂
    There’s a wonderful community of bloggers here who love to help each other out. I’d like to introduce you to some. Hope you don’t mind.

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      1. Every Saturday I do a prompt on my blog where people leave their links in my comment section and then go around and visit others. It’s a great way to connect, and the prompt may give you some inspiration for your post tomorrow. I’d like to invite you to participate. You can find the prompt here: All the instructions you need to join in are there. I hope to see you there! 🙂

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