Sunday Funday 5 – Radiation Island

Radiation Island – Atypical Games – Available on iOS

Today’s video game chronicles basically show how I die oh┬áso spectacularly and stupidly. For anyone playing this game but just starting out, here’s what you can expect to be waiting for you on the center island.

For those who’ve never played this game, when you die in survival mode (or whatever the regular mode is, there’s also extra hard, but no way will I be doing that mode any time soon), you get re-spawned at your last place of sleep and you lose your equipped item. Good thing I had a couple extra rifles back home.

I almost wish I’d been recording myself so you guys could have heard my jump and scream a few times when something came out of nowhere. Though my terrible aim didn’t help matters much, either.

One thing I really have to say is this game is so worth the three dollars I paid for it. I played for hours today and I’m still nowhere near being done with the game, and even then it’s not over because multiplayer gets unlocked. And that may just say that I’m an idiot and I have no idea what I’m doing, but so what? The island is huge, and clearly from that video, I’m having some issues even turning off the first tower. I mean, zombies that throw balls of radiation at you?! What?! Also, later when I wasn’t recording (of course), I found more zombies that stab you with big needles. They were surrounding a house that didn’t have anything really good in it, and I couldn’t tell the importance, though there was a bathtub beneath the house for some reason. I didn’t get close because I figured it was just a glitch (the game is still relatively new), but if someone knows differently about it, you should let me know.

My main goal right now is just to figure out how to turn off that first tower. Now that I know those ridiculous zombies are there, maybe I’ll just go in guns blazing. I don’t see any other way to do it, though I’m not sure yet which side I should come from. Should I walk the entire island? Or should I go around the island on the water and enter it from the beach nearer to the tower? I’m just not sure. And, for anyone who has played, are there any good items in the houses surrounding that center island? I made my way through part of one before I started to run out of room in my backpack from killing a couple of bears and a mountain lion on my way there, and I didn’t find anything really worthwhile so I haven’t gone back.

Anyway, I don’t suggest anyone new to the game leaving the beach where you first start until you’ve got at least a level 2 backpack, and some good weapons. Especially a gun. Find a zombie and kill it with some arrows. They’re usually carrying good items. I’ve got a stockpile of guns now because of all the zombies I’ve killed, as well as axes and pick axes.

And something I learned today. You can travel back and forth between the houses at will just by clicking on them on the map. I feel absolutely stupid for walking back and forth between houses to move all of my things, or even moving my things at all really. I will have to come up with some kind of system for where all of my things are. Maybe I’ll have a small gathering of everything at every house, or each house will have something different. One will be for weapons, one will be for food, that sort of thing.

Zombie survival, who knew it could be so much fun?