I Need Your Help.

I desperately need it. Seriously, if you could take the five minutes out of your busy schedule, I’d be extremely grateful. I may even do something crazy for it.

I’m participating in a Flash Fiction contest over on Tablo. Write a story under 500 words along the lines of one of their six prompts. The person with the most likes by July 4th wins. There’s money on the line.

If some of you reading this could help me out, I’d love you forever. I might even be able to think of something to show you that I love you forever.

Like my story here, sign up (if you’re a reader you won’t be sorry, if you’re not, they don’t spam you, I promise), share if you’re feeling really generous.

Thank you so much in advance to everyone who takes the time to help!! ❤ ❤ ❤



How Fast Can I Write a Novel?

I’ve repeatedly found that blog writing is something that I have an issue with. I run out things to say because my life isn’t always super interesting and I’m usually spending most of my time writing fiction anyway.

Solution? Mix the two.

I want to see how fast I can write a coherent novel. Like, something that could be published somewhere and read by people, and those people don’t cringe at how much of a mess it is. I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for the past two years, and won for the past two years, but both of those novels are going to be in an extended editing period because I left myself such a mess in writing them so fast. The details are all over the place, and since I didn’t have much time I didn’t go back and fix the conflicting details (which were most of them because I’d get to a point where I thought I’d go one way and then came up with something better that completely went against something that already happened), I have to spend my first edit sifting through everything I wrote to find a story that makes sense with the characters I created. Possible, sure, but very time-consuming.

You see my problem? Even that paragraph was a complete disaster.

So, I want to see how fast I can write something a little more coherent. Something I won’t be spending weeks writing and then years editing. I’m making up this challenge for myself as I go, though, so that could end up being the case once again.

But the one thing I didn’t have either of those other times was documentation. I didn’t have somewhere I could report on how things are going, and keep myself going down a straight line rather than a forever winding road. Maybe talking about it in a blog will help me. There’s only one way to find out.

So here is my proposal: I’m going to write a novel as fast as I can.

Some people need to take time to do their writing, but I’ve found that my best work comes from short bursts of writing where I don’t give myself a chance to over think it. Those two novels I have sitting around may be a complete mess, but they’re better than some of the other works I’ve got that I’ve spent significantly more time working on, mainly because there’s a complete story there, even if it is unreadable.

25 days is my record for NaNoWriMo. I’d like to beat that for this. I may or may not make it, but that’s the goal. Beat that record with a first draft of a novel that isn’t such a mess that I have to spend a portion of my life editing it into sense.

And I’m starting right now.

I’d like to pose a question to you all. I’d like to get you involved.

Which of these should I go with? Which story would you like to read most?

I’ve got a few story ideas roaming around in my head, and I’m not sure which I should go with. A popular opinion might be helpful.

For obvious reasons I’m not giving too much detail. I plan to write all of these out one day. I just need your help in deciding which one I should start with by telling me which one interests you the most.

I not only want to know what people are interested in reading these days, but I also want people to get involved, be a part of the process. I feel like that’s an aspect that’s often left out of writing.

Also, just for fun (though I’ll probably end up regretting it), how fast do you think I can write a novel?

Hardcover Monday – Jane Austen

Absolutely every time, without fail, I see The Jane Austen Book Club, I want to read all of the books in the order that they read them in.

Now, I can’t really do that because I’m reading Sense and Sensibility for one of my book clubs this month, and that’s one of the last books they read, and there’s no way I could read them all this month before I made it back to Sense and Sensibility. But I did watch the movie last night, and it’s renewed the sense in me to read all of the books. Now, I haven’t read all of Jane Austen yet. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice (I’d have given you permission to hang me if I hadn’t), as well as Northanger Abbey, but it’s been awhile. I want to read them all together. I feel like there might be a certain amount of… what’s the word… I can’t think of the word, but good feelings is the general idea. Anyway, I’m working these books into my impossible schedule. It’s happening.

Hardcover Monday – A Good Quiet Book

No, that’s not the title of a book. Or, it might be, but I’m not talking about a specific book right now.

I’ve found that I’ve been wanting to read so many big books and critically acclaimed books and popular books, that they’re all getting clumped together and in result I’m not wanting to read any of them. Except the Harry Potter books. It’s a dark day the day I’m not in the mood for the Harry Potter books.

Honestly, I’m in the mood for something quiet right now. I know I’ve signed up for all of these things with bookclubs and what not, but I’ll just have to catch up, and maybe give up a couple of them.

Anyway, I’m not quiet sure what quiet book I want to read right now. Certainly not anything super acclaimed, and not anything too out there. Just something quiet and short. I’ll be on the hunt.

P.S. My posts are getting shorter because I’m gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo. Most of my writing energy is going towards the outline, so I don’t have much else to say when I finally make it here. I’m determined not to disappear, though!

One-Liner Wednesday – Fresh Air

You know you need to go outside when it’s nicer outside your house than it is inside it.


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Hardcover Monday – Harry Potter Again

I spent the weekend doing my read-a-thon with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I don’t mind long books, but I remember when this book came out when I was a kid and being totally mind blown at the jump in length between the third and fourth books. And they just kept getting longer. Not that it was ever a bad thing with the Harry Potter books. Anyone reading them just wanted more and more. I know I did.

I’ve got so many books on my plate right now, though, and they’re all big books. Infinite Jest, Anna Karenina, this book, a couple of others… I need to stop signing up to read books with my book clubs. I’m getting so behind. It’s really overwhelming. I think I’m going to have to go through the books I’ve signed up for and just choose one, because there’s no way I can do them all.

This is such a book lover’s problem.

Hardcover Monday – Anna Karenina

It’s a big one. Like, really big one. I’ve been trying to finish it for months. One of my book clubs wants to start reading Infinite Jest, and I want to read it with them, too, but I’m telling myself I can’t start it until I finish Anna Karenina. I just can’t. I can’t possibly take on two huge books at one time. It’ll just take me that much longer to finish both of them.

And I’m actually liking the book. I’m a little over halfway through it, and now that I’ve got the good translation (Pevear & Volokhonsky), I’m really liking it. This was the first book that introduced to me the differences in translations. I mean, it makes sense. Different words in different languages can be translated in all sorts of different ways, but because I so rarely read books that have been translated from their native language, I just never thought about it. So I bought a copy of Anna Karenina years ago, not even thinking much about it. And it was hard for me to get into. Like, really hard. It wasn’t so much that the story was bad or anything, just the language was dry. (I can’t remember the name of that translator right now, but she’s pretty famous for having the worse translation of the book. All you have to do is google it.) And then, one of my book clubs decided to read this book this past winter. There was a whole argument thread dedicated to the different translations. A few people like the other woman’s translation better. I don’t happen to be one of them.

Here’s a hint. The bad translation (in my opinion it’s bad, anyway) is always the cheaper one at the store. It’s a classic case of you get what you pay for. The new translation cost me $20. The bad one cost me $8. Yeah.

The story itself bounces around between a bunch of different characters, which I’m not usually into, but I’m not minding it so much. I’m finding it interesting that the only two characters that haven’t interacted with one another are Anna and Levin. It makes me wonder if they ever will (no spoilers, please). A part of me thinks they will, and the other half thinks that this may be a kind of character train, where this person knows that, but the two people on the ends are the only two people who never see each other because they’re so far apart. The only example I can think of this right now is the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’ Most of the characters knew each other, but the two characters on the ends didn’t know one another existed. I can’t remember who the characters on the ends were because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie (I think Scarlett Johansson’s was one of them). Does that make any sense, though?

Anyway, it’s a big book, so I need to get back to reading.