Sunday Funday 5 – Radiation Island

Radiation Island – Atypical Games – Available on iOS

Today’s video game chronicles basically show how I die oh so spectacularly and stupidly. For anyone playing this game but just starting out, here’s what you can expect to be waiting for you on the center island.

For those who’ve never played this game, when you die in survival mode (or whatever the regular mode is, there’s also extra hard, but no way will I be doing that mode any time soon), you get re-spawned at your last place of sleep and you lose your equipped item. Good thing I had a couple extra rifles back home.

I almost wish I’d been recording myself so you guys could have heard my jump and scream a few times when something came out of nowhere. Though my terrible aim didn’t help matters much, either.

One thing I really have to say is this game is so worth the three dollars I paid for it. I played for hours today and I’m still nowhere near being done with the game, and even then it’s not over because multiplayer gets unlocked. And that may just say that I’m an idiot and I have no idea what I’m doing, but so what? The island is huge, and clearly from that video, I’m having some issues even turning off the first tower. I mean, zombies that throw balls of radiation at you?! What?! Also, later when I wasn’t recording (of course), I found more zombies that stab you with big needles. They were surrounding a house that didn’t have anything really good in it, and I couldn’t tell the importance, though there was a bathtub beneath the house for some reason. I didn’t get close because I figured it was just a glitch (the game is still relatively new), but if someone knows differently about it, you should let me know.

My main goal right now is just to figure out how to turn off that first tower. Now that I know those ridiculous zombies are there, maybe I’ll just go in guns blazing. I don’t see any other way to do it, though I’m not sure yet which side I should come from. Should I walk the entire island? Or should I go around the island on the water and enter it from the beach nearer to the tower? I’m just not sure. And, for anyone who has played, are there any good items in the houses surrounding that center island? I made my way through part of one before I started to run out of room in my backpack from killing a couple of bears and a mountain lion on my way there, and I didn’t find anything really worthwhile so I haven’t gone back.

Anyway, I don’t suggest anyone new to the game leaving the beach where you first start until you’ve got at least a level 2 backpack, and some good weapons. Especially a gun. Find a zombie and kill it with some arrows. They’re usually carrying good items. I’ve got a stockpile of guns now because of all the zombies I’ve killed, as well as axes and pick axes.

And something I learned today. You can travel back and forth between the houses at will just by clicking on them on the map. I feel absolutely stupid for walking back and forth between houses to move all of my things, or even moving my things at all really. I will have to come up with some kind of system for where all of my things are. Maybe I’ll have a small gathering of everything at every house, or each house will have something different. One will be for weapons, one will be for food, that sort of thing.

Zombie survival, who knew it could be so much fun?


Sunday Funday #3 – Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Gameloft – Android and iOS

I’ve had a lot going on the past few days, so I haven’t had a lot of time to do much, which is why this game is my Sunday Funday. It’s fun and it’s fast. I was able to get all I needed for the video from the game in under an hour.

It’s a racing game. You should know what to expect when you’re playing one. Though this is the first time I’ve played a racing game with infection mode. It’s hilarious. The person in last place gets infected, and then infects everyone they run into. When you’re infected, you get infinite nitro and timer to your car blowing up. The first person to cross the finish line wins. It’s fast paced and crazy.

I’m actually going to go play a round right now. Ttyl.

Sunday Funday #2 – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Gameloft

I wonder how long it will take for me to get completely annoyed by my computer auto-correcting Funday to Sunday…

So. Modern Combat 5. It’s a FPS (First Person Shooter) game. It’s bloody. It’s gory. You kill people. If that’s not your thing, don’t watch the video, so read the post, don’t play the game. Just walk (or click) away. You’ve been warned. I really don’t want to hear any complaints. Thanks.

This is one of those games I enjoy playing when I only have a few minutes and just want a quick distraction. The game does have a campaign story mode, but I usually just play the online multiplayer. The assault and recon categories are my favorites to play. As you can tell from the video, I’m absolutely terrible as a sniper or a heavy. I did gain a few points towards a new handgun today, though. Which is good, because I hardly ever use them. The first tier one doesn’t do much, but I picked up someone else’s after they dropped it when they died, and I’m not sure what tier it was, but it was pretty good.

I’m just proud of myself for trying out all of the classes for the video today. Variety!

The first game I played today went into triple overtime. The game won’t allow you to tie in multiplayer, instead one minute will get added to the clock until there’s a clear winner. I was staying neck in neck with this other guy, until finally some random player came out of nowhere to steal the win from both of us. It was certainly the longest multiplayer game I’ve ever played. And I love that there are different multiplayer game modes. You can go Free-for-All and have everyone be the enemy, or do a team or squad battle where you’ve got allies, ones you either know or don’t. VIP is just like a team battle, only one player on each team becomes the target for the other team (the VIP). And then there’s the classic Capture the Flag. I’m horrible at Capture the Flag.

If you go and take a look at this game, you’ll see that it costs money. Well, you should know that this is one of the few games I have that I actually paid for. It’s worth it. And if you’re still not sure, Gameloft does sales every once in a while. But there are no ads and you have unlimited access to everything in the game. For a game I’ll play for maybe half an hour a day, and have ever since I got it a month ago, the $4 was worth it.

On Twitch, AGeekyChick streams MC5 on Gameloft’s channel every Tuesday night, and I’m usually hanging out playing. The game doesn’t have a player search, but if you’re not in a squad, you can find me by searching for my squad. I’m currently in AbandoNaTion, and my IGN is Hissaelil. If you can find me, feel free to add me, and maybe we’ll play a match or two! 🙂


Sunday Funday #1 – Vainglory

Vainglory – Super Evil Megacorp –

My first Sunday Funday! It’s still Sunday somewhere…

This wasn’t the best start to something I want to make happen every week, but hey, it means there’s nowhere to go but up from here. And let me tell you, that’s true in every aspect. I’ve done work as a video editor before, and it makes me cringe both inside and outside to know that I barely watched this video before I exported and uploaded. My computer just wasn’t agreeing with me and… it’s just a long story, okay? One I’m not in the mood to get into. It’s behind me. It’s staying there.

So! Vainglory! This is by far my favorite game at the moment! And for those of you who might thinking this, I didn’t do this video because they asked, or because I’m getting anything out of it other than pure joy. I love playing the game. It would be an honor I don’t expect to ever get from the game developers (or devs) to be asked to make a video for them.

Speaking of the game devs (who for this game are really nice, btw), I actually ran into one today. I played and recorded seven games today, and in the second game, I ran into Noxii, who you can tell is a dev in the video above by her deep red name. It’s really cool that they actually appear in the game randomly and play with everyone. That’s something I love about them; they’re not only making a great game, but they’re making a great game that they love playing.

Vainglory is the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena for people not so familiar with the lingo), that I played and actually liked playing. So many out there are so complicated and hard to get into that I feel like you have to be determined to play, or your brain just has to work that way, which mine doesn’t exactly. Well it didn’t. I’m fairly certain I could pave my way through some of the other MOBA’s out there. I actually downloaded the beta for Heroes of the Storm the other day, though I haven’t gotten much of a chance to give it a try. I’ve also tried DOTA, though I’m still working my way through the training to get used to the controls.

I’m certainly not the best player ever, and I doubt I ever will be, but the game is too much fun for me to even care about that. And it has a great community on I spend more time than I probably should on twitch watching and playing with the streamers for the game. I would stream myself if I thought my computer could handle it. I still may give it a try one of these days.

I’m pretty certain that I’d made a list of things in my head to talk about with this game, but that was hours beyond hours ago, and I’m about to pass out. I’m actually having a hard time figuring out how I wrote as much as I have. If anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to ask me. I know a lot about the meta, the characters, and the actual gameplay of the game (mostly from watching and playing with people on twitch! It’s a great place to find other people to play with!)

My IGN is Hissaelil. Please feel free to add me and we can play sometime! (I mostly play Joule and Celeste (she’s by far my favorite new character to have come out), though for the video today I wish I would have played a few others for some variety.) I am on the NA server, though, so if you’re anywhere outside NA, we can’t play right now because I don’t have an account set up for anywhere else. Also, I don’t accept guests as friends, so take a second to name your account before you add me (I’m always shocked about the amount of guests I see in the game…).