Hardcover Monday – Harry Potter

I actually own half the series in paperback and the other half in hardcover, so yeah.

A few weeks ago (or something like that, I’ve been having a hard time keeping track of the passing of time), I realized that while I grew up with the Harry Potter books, I never read them all in order, like one right after the other. I just read them as I bought them from the store, or as my parents bought them from the store for me, rather. They’ve remained faithfully on my bookshelf through the years, though, while other have been put in storage under my bed or in the attic or closet or anywhere else that isn’t really on display.

Wow, I need to get some new bookcases…

Anyway, I was looking at them, and decided to go ahead and read them all again, in order, one after the other (or mostly, a couple of books for book clubs have gotten in the way).

It’s like reliving pieces of my childhood. The nostalgia is real, guys. And I’m only on the third book.

I don’t really know what I can say about Harry Potter that people don’t already know, so let me tell you a story. Well, actually, two stories, both of which happened on the same day.

A friend of mine and I took a trip to Universal last year (the one in Orlando), and Harry Potter World was basically our top stop. The second you enter it, though, you’re surrounded by fanatics and stupid people. It’s pretty much an either or, as long as you’re not counting the actual park workers. We were walking over the bridge you can see the castle from when we overheard some girl ask in all seriousness, “So, that’s where they filmed the films?” Yes, they filmed the entire thing in Florida.

Later that day, after taking the Hogwarts Express to the other park where Diagon Alley is located, we were walking by the houses from the fifth book, the ones where Order of the Phoenix is hidden. The was this woman absolutely excited to take a picture on the stoop of the Order of Phoenix house, and she was not shy to let anyone walking by. Then she climbed the steps to the house next to it. It’s pretty obvious which house is the right one, too. It’s a different color, and Kreacher peaks out from one of the windows every once in a while. It was a serious debate between us whether or not to tell her. We finally yelled it as we were walking away, though I have no idea if she heard us or not.