SoCS – Naught, Knot, It’s all not true…

He’s naught but a fool for not knowing how to tie a knot, but it’s also not for nothing.

This sentence may or may not be true for the person it describes.

And honestly, I like it better than, “It’s naught but a knot, but that’s not for nothing,” even though I think this one makes you think a little more. It also rolls off the tongue slightly better.

But I still like the first version better.


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A Lifetime’s Worth

“Close, but no cigar.” It should be my motto.

Almost got that job.

Almost won the game.

Almost got the guy.

My life is filled with almosts.

**Bangs head on desk.**



“But No Cigar” The Daily Post

One-Liner Wednesday – Fresh Air

You know you need to go outside when it’s nicer outside your house than it is inside it.


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Hardcover Monday – Harry Potter Again

I spent the weekend doing my read-a-thon with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I don’t mind long books, but I remember when this book came out when I was a kid and being totally mind blown at the jump in length between the third and fourth books. And they just kept getting longer. Not that it was ever a bad thing with the Harry Potter books. Anyone reading them just wanted more and more. I know I did.

I’ve got so many books on my plate right now, though, and they’re all big books. Infinite Jest, Anna Karenina, this book, a couple of others… I need to stop signing up to read books with my book clubs. I’m getting so behind. It’s really overwhelming. I think I’m going to have to go through the books I’ve signed up for and just choose one, because there’s no way I can do them all.

This is such a book lover’s problem.

Sunday Funday #4 – Tap Titans

 Tap Titans – Game Hive Corp. – Android & iOS

Can someone please explain to me the psychology behind these tap-tap games? There’s almost zero skill behind them, and I get the feeling that it’s just a time-waster, mind-number kind of mentality behind their appeal, but I’m not usually into time-wasting games. I mean, but definition, most video games will help you ‘waste time,’ but you get what I mean. I hope.

Anyway, I started playing this game yesterday, and not only am I incredibly far through the game, but I’m obsessed with getting further. I get the feeling this is going to be one of those games to completely wreck my life. And for what? To tap my screen until my fingers can’t handle it any longer?

It’s okay, my fingers could surely use the workout.

I didn’t make a video this week because, well, all you do for this game is tap the screen. That’s not fun to watch, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to want to watch that. Instead, .gifs are perfect. It’ll just loop and loop and suck you in, kind of like this game.

Don’t mistake this as me not recommending this game. I do recommend it. Please, come wreck your lives with me.

History Textbook

I’m not saying there’s a right or wrong answer to “If you could be a fly on the wall at any point in history, when and where would you choose?” But let’s be honest, which ever historical moment you pick says a lot about you and can be perceived by someone as either right or wrong.

The smart answers would be something like the signing of the Declaration of Independence or any of the major moments in history having to do with a president or a king or some other kind of ruler. Basically, open the nearest history textbook and pick a page to make yourself sound smart.

If you choose to go back and visit an ancestor, there are options for what kind of person you are. You could be family oriented, or trying to appear like a genuinely good person. Or you could be the biggest creep ever. Think about that one. If you don’t get it, well then you’re definitely not the biggest creep ever.

I’m not the most fanatical sports buff, but I do have a love for baseball. And I’m a Red Sox fan, which already says so much about me. Anyway, I’d like to be a fly on some wall within Fenway Park for the 1918 final World Series game. This alone could say a lot, but I would prefer to use my day as a fly in the past doing something fun, not sitting in a room listening to men argue about the politics of something or other.


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