One-Liner Wednesday – Flailing Zombies

Camp NaNaNoWriMo starts today, so I’m preparing to be a crazy zombie for the month, like the kind that scrambles after you as fast as they can with flailing arms.

Such a waste of a perfect April Fool’s One-Liner Wednesday, but it is what it is.


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One-Liner Wednesday – Fresh Air

You know you need to go outside when it’s nicer outside your house than it is inside it.


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One Liner Wednesday – Where’s My Hammer



Priorities in the right order: You need the hammer to knockout the store clerk so you can get your money back to pay the blacksmith for the sword you plan to use on Waldo when you finally manage to find him.



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One-Liner Wednesday – Age Mistakes

This actually happened at an old job when a customer was purchasing a beer:

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t sell you a beer, you’re under 21.”

Customer: “I’ve been over 21 for more than a year.”

***looks at date again***

***customer’s birthday is only a few days after my birthday, same year, same age as me***

***absolutely embarrassed***



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