Sunday Funday #4 – Tap Titans

 Tap Titans – Game Hive Corp. – Android & iOS

Can someone please explain to me the psychology behind these tap-tap games? There’s almost zero skill behind them, and I get the feeling that it’s just a time-waster, mind-number kind of mentality behind their appeal, but I’m not usually into time-wasting games. I mean, but definition, most video games will help you ‘waste time,’ but you get what I mean. I hope.

Anyway, I started playing this game yesterday, and not only am I incredibly far through the game, but I’m obsessed with getting further. I get the feeling this is going to be one of those games to completely wreck my life. And for what? To tap my screen until my fingers can’t handle it any longer?

It’s okay, my fingers could surely use the workout.

I didn’t make a video this week because, well, all you do for this game is tap the screen. That’s not fun to watch, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to want to watch that. Instead, .gifs are perfect. It’ll just loop and loop and suck you in, kind of like this game.

Don’t mistake this as me not recommending this game. I do recommend it. Please, come wreck your lives with me.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday #4 – Tap Titans”

  1. I think that’s why they work because there’s zero skill. Its a baby sitter for kids. There was some other game like tapRPG or something like that where its just streamlined combat. You feel instant progression, like you’re getting somewhere when really you’re not even tapping, you’re just waiting.


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