History Textbook

I’m not saying there’s a right or wrong answer to “If you could be a fly on the wall at any point in history, when and where would you choose?” But let’s be honest, which ever historical moment you pick says a lot about you and can be perceived by someone as either right or wrong.

The smart answers would be something like the signing of the Declaration of Independence or any of the major moments in history having to do with a president or a king or some other kind of ruler. Basically, open the nearest history textbook and pick a page to make yourself sound smart.

If you choose to go back and visit an ancestor, there are options for what kind of person you are. You could be family oriented, or trying to appear like a genuinely good person. Or you could be the biggest creep ever. Think about that one. If you don’t get it, well then you’re definitely not the biggest creep ever.

I’m not the most fanatical sports buff, but I do have a love for baseball. And I’m a Red Sox fan, which already says so much about me. Anyway, I’d like to be a fly on some wall within Fenway Park for the 1918 final World Series game. This alone could say a lot, but I would prefer to use my day as a fly in the past doing something fun, not sitting in a room listening to men argue about the politics of something or other.


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4 thoughts on “History Textbook”

  1. I half agree with you on the historical one except to an extent history is only an interpretation of half discovered facts, for example the history of Cleopatra is mainly known from the accounts written by Romans, it would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall as she prepared for her first meeting with Caesar or as she took her own life and to find out if the story of the asp in the figs was true

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    1. If that’s what you’re into, then that’s what you’re into. I’m just saying, I feel like a lot of people would waste the opportunity on something they’re not really interested in because of how it would reflect on them. Going back to see the real Cleopatra would be freakin awesome.


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