Just one?

If I was given a choice? Like, you’re going to pay for everything and I’m just going to pick a point on the globe? Why do I have to pick just one place if that’s the case?

I’m relatively sure I would beat myself senseless trying to decide on just one place.

Australia would be pretty high on my list. They speak English, and can you imagine? Those accents and those guys for a whole year? I’m perfectly okay with the stereotypical image in my head right now.

England would be another good choice. They also speak English (duh), and I could take trips to Scotland and Ireland and France. It would be like a multi-trip. I could knock out a whole bunch of different places, unhindered by the Atlantic.

Or Italy. One word: pizza. I would be happy and fat by the end of that year.

I can’t actually let myself put too much thought into this, or I’ll spend the next week cycling through daydreams, and absolutely nothing will get done.

– In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Study Abroad.”


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Artist. Writer. Filmmaker. Bibliophile. Photographer. Herbivore. Not necessarily in that order. Actually, yeah, that order.

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