Sunday Funday!

I’ve decided to turn today into Sunday Funday for myself. I’m pretty big into video games (mostly mobile and PC) for relaxing or having some fun or whatever (I’m not super competitive unless the mood hits me right), so why not? I figure I’ll play some games, record them, make a fun little video, talk about the game a bit, and share it with you all. And if you all have the game, or end up wanting to get the game, you can add me and we’ll play together. Sounds fun to me!

Only, I had this idea about halfway through the day today. I spent three hours playing today’s game (by far my favorite game at the moment), three hours making an intro because my computer is slow, and however long since then until now trying to put together a fun video. Point is, I’ll be starting next week’s Sunday Funday on Saturday.

I’m hoping I’ll get the video done and posted before midnight, but in case I don’t, I needed to come on here and say something!

I’ll be back in a little while, hopefully…



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Artist. Writer. Filmmaker. Bibliophile. Photographer. Herbivore. Not necessarily in that order. Actually, yeah, that order.

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